Tips To Enable Easy Access To ERP Applications

    In this digital era, enabling mobile access to ERP data is one of the main priorities for many enterprises. And it has become something of a necessity to preserve business continuity without any hindrance, given the current global scenario. It is known that the stakes are high owing to security concerns that occur as transactions are made available online. In this context, here are five significant parameters for organizations to consider:

    1: Identity And Access Management

    The commonly used security model involving a username/password is grossly inadequate in order to effectively restrict unauthorized access. PeopleSoft’s passwords are inherently weak, easy to crack, and many users have many passwords as well. The number of phishing attacks has experienced a major upsurge in recent times. Therefore, it is important to introduce a comprehensive system for identity and access management that can deal effectively with all potential security threats.

    2: Identity Provider (IdP) Authentication

    This is best achieved with an IdP integrated enterprise Single Sign-On. Your IdP happens to be PeopleSoft’s best authentication database because it is provided and managed centrally by corporate password mandates. That makes the method streamlined throughout.

    3: Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an important identity-checking approach. An adaptive MFA is highly recommended, but this function should be a standard part of a login security posture, as it helps to integrate the proper alignment of multi-factor authentication implementation with different levels of access risk.

    Adaptive MFA guarantees that the contextual features (e.g., system, location, network, etc.) are the determinants of MFA challenges. This helps align varying levels of risk with access policies. The context of access differs when it comes to a mobile environment, and the level of control will do the same. The adaptive MFA helps you to achieve a higher degree of control.

    4: Unauthorized Data Exfiltration

    Data leakage is the leading cause of breaches. When access is remote, exfiltration of data becomes riskier, mainly because the systems are no longer controlled. Limiting remote access reports and queries helps to ensure that data on an unauthorized device is not exfiltrated. Additionally, the exposure of sensitive data can be minimized by enforcing data masking on sensitive fields.

    5: Data Access Visibility

    It is obvious that if you do not report access and usage details, you are at risk. Visibility of user activity and behavior is important for the detection and resolution of all possible security threats. At the same time, daily audits are extremely important to understand precisely what is happening inside your applications. They also help you decide if further steps are needed. Granular insight into user behavior arms you with actionable insights that can be used to secure information for your benefit.


    The new data protection tools offer a sophisticated system for you to provide robust control and visibility over your ERP outcomes. They help you develop your ability to comprehensively authenticate users, manage privileged access, view user actions, limit data exposure, detect and respond to threats. With a wide range of best-in-class features, these solutions help you keep your data protection woes at bay. They assist you in maximizing your investment in ERP systems like PeopleSoft and SAP by delivering comprehensive ERP data security.

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