Strategies For Moving From Network Security To Data Security

    The focus of network security is on controls and systems that create access barriers, such as firewalls for network security, IPS, and RDS. They are still important, but the notion of a network perimeter that is easily detected is obsolete, and there are now so many access paths to your data that need to be secured. Without extra support, a network security plan is just not comprehensive or flexible enough. A last line of defense with integrated, oriented mechanisms to secure data itself is implemented by introducing security at the database level.

    Start With Database Security Orchestration

    Security orchestration of the database enacts a strategy that protects the information depending on an incident happening somewhere else. This orchestration may be used to alert or prevent the databases from unwanted or malicious access. When a hazard or occurrence is detected within other areas of the system, triggers are enforced, blocking access to each database and thereby shielding them from any future vulnerability that might already be in the environment.

    The antivirus agent on your desktop, for instance, reports a virus or malware infection. The antivirus feed is used to build a policy in your data protection solution that denies access to any database in your company from the infected computer. Automated blocking offers a hands-off method, whether in the cloud or on-site, at any time, to monitor access and secure data across all stores.

    Comply With Regulatory Reporting

    Regulatory provisions enable entities to have logs about how data is processed over time by users. Current big data dumps make this reporting resource-intensive, time-consuming, and limited. Due to the amount of data coming in, affecting long-term storage and retrieval capacity, data is regularly archived. For companies, a major challenge is to provide a fast and efficient process to generate these reports that meet audit criteria. Innovative data protection storage solutions allow data to be stored for a much longer period of time and to be reported on by a standalone SIEM solution without the resource-intensive requirements.

    Look For Quick Deployment

    Organizations need to turn on database protection technologies on a wide scale, very quickly, if they have a rapidly evolving workforce. All environments, all applications, and all data are monitored by these solutions, tracking who does what, when, where, how, and why. By using an agentless approach that absorbs information from the database itself, satisfying a particular need without onerous deployment work, rapid out-of-the-box deployment can be achieved. Customization and modification may then occur as needed, over time.

    Achieve Database Security At Scale

    Processes must be automated wherever possible to ensure database protection at scale. Automation can involve allowing any new database that enters your environment to be auto-discovered. This ensures that without the intensive, time-consuming procedures needed to stand up or modify an existing solution, you are instantly conscious and can monitor it.

    Discovery automation often implies that you no longer need to deploy an agent or configure a new database for monitoring. Security of the database at scale and scaling correct means you have the control and flexibility to add new databases, but you do not need resources to do so. The current economic environment means that we need to do more, or even do more for less, with the same number of workers. In being able to do that, automation plays a major role.

    It is more important than ever to protect your data, and our environments are more dynamic and constantly evolving. Organizations need to step away from merely creating a security ring on their network to protect data, structured or unstructured, whether on-premises or in the cloud, in order to also provide the database itself with an internal layer of protection. This is a paradigm change from just worrying about erp security to concentrating on flexible, easy-to-deploy security for databases.

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