Identity and Access Management: Some Challenges

    In today’s digital age, there are more apps that are cloud-based, more resources, more devices, and more users. 94 percent of Chief Information Officers agreed in a recent survey that the technology stack will be more complex in the future, with more apps, data, devices, and transactions.

    Identity and access management challenges can be divided into three categories: compliance challenges, security challenges, and challenges of productivity.

    Security Challenges

    • In the Cloud, your firewall is of no use. Anyone can try to sign-in to your cloud apps.
    • There is a spike in cybercrimes. Hackers have repeatedly attempted to gain access to corporate networks.
    • Password spray attacks are almost difficult to block. Hackers attempt to simultaneously log into networks from different countries.
    • A cause for concern is consumer breach. Staff reuse the same passwords at home and work.
    • The same passwords are used by contractors when they move from company to company, putting your details at risk. They are, therefore, a liability.
    • Employees are either busy, distracted or don’t care about themselves. You can’t pressure individuals to have better password protocols. Removing passwords with SAML Single Sign-On is the only way to solve the password dilemma.

    Productivity Challenges

    • Much time is spent resetting passwords. Password resets account for about 50 percent of helpdesk tickets. This is either operated internally by a helpdesk or outsourced to a supplier of services. For every ticket, the cost ranges from $5 to $50. It is, therefore, thoroughly unproductive and also costly.
    • Similarly, a lot of time is spent logging in. Users need hundreds of URLs, usernames, passwords, and secret questions to be remembered.
    • Cloud adoption has tremendous resistance. Consumers fail to change preferences and workflows when new applications are introduced.
    • IT is burdened by sluggish identity and access management software and workflows. The key identity and access management (IAM) issue they face is getting too many identity schemes, 51 percent of IT decision-makers say. IT spends hours on needless activities of onboarding fresh workers, rolling out apps, and offboarding employees.
    • Tools for legacy systems are antiquated and resource-intensive. A valuable IT budget costs legacy access systems. In order to accommodate the continued growth of cloud computing, they are decentralized, dynamic, and ill-equipped.
    • Long and cumbersome processes for onboarding and offboarding make things complicated and uncomfortable. The departments concerned often complain about the number of resources and software and the access and permissions needed for new hires to be created.

    Compliance Challenges

    Enterprises need to pass audits and comply with all laws on compliance. Companies that are public or controlled sectors need to meet internal and external auditors’ standards and implement controls as required by compliance laws.

    Many organizations, since the reports produced are decentralized and fragmented, must put together reports and audit trails across several different frameworks.


    Today’s enterprises need to have the new data protection and analytics technologies in place, considering all the above-described challenges. These solutions simplify the tasks of an enterprise, increase performance, provide valuable insights into user behavior, and ensure robust data protection, with features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). They streamline the identity and access management of an enterprise by providing a combination of role-based access control and attribute-based access control (RBAC-ABAC hybrid approach). Therefore, they help to enhance the security posture significantly.

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