PeopleSoft HCM: Strategies To Ensure Data Privacy

    PeopleSoft HCM is a key application for organizations worldwide and provides robust functionality for central and strategic HR. It is designed to meet the complex needs of large organizations and can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. It is a treasure trove of personal data. Data privacy is all about the proper management of individuals’ private and confidential details. According to regulatory guidelines across a wide range of regions, such as the EU (GDPR) and California (California Consumer Privacy Act), employees need to be informed of the intent and use of their personal data before requiring them and applicants to consent to the processing of such data. In this sense, PeopleSoft data security assumes significance.

    PeopleSoft has given characteristics that comply with data privacy legislation and allow you to:

    • Recognize personally identifiable and confidential details
    • Delete personal data of applicants and staff
    • Receive the employees’ approval and acknowledgment
    • Mask or hide personal data

    PeopleSoft HCM: The Acknowledgment Framework

    In the onboarding process, one of the main steps for new hires is to ensure that they completely understand and adhere to the terms and conditions of the new organization. The Acknowledgement Framework is a configurable function used to get the approval, appreciation, and acceptance of an employee. The system can also capture electronic signatures.

    The onboarding activity guide may also be customized to prevent workers from taking action before agreeing and providing consent to the terms and conditions. For confidential data, such as ethnic groups or veteran status, you have the option to send a personalized message to alert the employee whether this information is optional or mandatory.

    PeopleSoft HCM: Data Masking

    You can go to the ‘Installation Table’ as a manager to mask personal data. In the ‘Installation Table’, pick ‘HCM Options’. For personal and confidential information exchanged by employees, it is essential that only approved administrators access the data.

    PeopleSoft HCM provides administrator components with role-level protection and guarantees that access is only open to approved users. To secure confidential data, you can mask highly sensitive fields, such as national ID, date of birth, driver’s license number, bank account number, and employee’s passport number. Select ‘Enable Masking’ checkbox on the ‘Installation Table’ to allow data masking and press ‘Save.’ To mask data at the level of the component and field group, check for ‘Set Up Component Level Masking.’ Complete or partial masking may be selected.

    PeopleSoft HCM: Data Deletion

    An integral aspect of the data protection legislation is the erasing of data or the right to be forgotten. You should go to the page ‘Applicant ID Delete’ to clear employee data for a new recruit. When an applicant demands that his data be deleted, the administrator will pick the applicant to be withdrawn and run the ‘Applicant Delete’ procedure.

    To allow data deletion requests for current employees who wish to leave the company, the administrator has to go to the Person ID Delete page.

    PeopleSoft HCM: Access to Sensitive or Identifiable Information

    Go to the ‘View References’ page to understand which sensitive data and recognizable fields are in PeopleSoft HCM. This tab can be used to search inside PeopleSoft HCM for confidential data and recognizable fields. To limit access, you can enter additional filter parameters or export this information to Excel.

    To show the sample fields that are provided to you inside PeopleSoft HCM, you can use the Maintain Data Privacy Settings page. Customers are encouraged to add their own unique personal and recognizable areas to this list.


    Enterprises should ensure for their applicants and workers a high standard of data protection and PeopleSoft data security. To help customers ensure proper data security, PeopleSoft HCM has several tools.

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