Strengthening Enterprises’ Security Posture: Some Strategies

    There have been, in the recent past, several instances of data breaches wherein human error caused company information to be compromised. Human error is the reason behind 52 percent of security breaches, according to a new survey. Anything from the inability of an end-user to obey policies and procedures to their lack of technical expertise and experience can compromise company information. On top of that, attacks targeting ‘human assets’ and user devices have gradually risen over the last six years, according to the new Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, while attacks targeting servers, terminals, and networks have decreased.

    This is the ideal time for businesses around the world to make it a priority through a mix of training and technological solutions to strengthen their cybersecurity culture. The five approaches outlined below will help enterprises improve their cybersecurity posture.

    Impart Training

    Workers should undergo basic security training from the first day on the job. Throughout the year, they should then be scheduled for refresher trainings. These refresher courses should be offered to everyone inside the company, from interns to mid-level managers and senior executives. The concerns discussed during these training refreshers should be specific to the work role and position of each employee within the company. They can take the form of email reminders, information posters, in-person meetings, etc.

    Employ External Resources

    There are a variety of training services accessible to businesses looking to improve the security skills of their staff, from online courses to workshops and activities at local universities. Risk simulation games are also available. Another choice is to find a nearby professor or expert in computer science to come to your company to hold a staff workshop.


    There are many ways to assess whether your training programs for cybersecurity are successful. Planning a simulated assault on workers is one of the best ways to do this. There are commercial and open source solutions that give you the opportunity to immerse workers in simulated real-life phishing situations and see how they react. For businesses and targeted end-users, these types of simulations are real eye-openers and act as perfect springboards for security awareness campaigns.

    Reward Workers for Security Best Practices

    One of the ways to create a culture of security within an enterprise is to reward workers for keeping company information secure. In addition to sending the message that protection is a top priority for the company, if they feel they will be publicly praised for their efforts, workers will make further efforts to investigate issues resulting in a violation or compromise. During a company-wide meeting or in an internal newsletter, these announcements may be made. Electing security champions for each department or sub-team is another way to enlist the support of the employees. That way, you get more tools that help you encourage best practices in policies and procedures and protection.

    Leverage Technology Solutions

    To keep company information confidential, it is never a safe bet to rely solely on employees. With the techniques of cybercriminals increasingly getting sophisticated, it is important to minimize the opportunities for human error to take place by utilizing technological solutions. An identity and access management solution that enables businesses to automate core identity enforcement controls, quantify and track risks associated with both users and resources, and automate access control policies, among a number of other security features, is one of the basic tools to consider investing in.

    Any organization may become the victim of cybercrime, from large and small corporations to academic institutions and government agencies. Combined with basic technical controls, employee education and training is an efficient way to help avoid human error and handle the organization’s security threats.

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