SAP GRC Access Control and Compliance Management

    Enterprises deploy essential GRC class tools that allow full control over the conflict detection and resolution process and achieve compliance with different data privacy regulations. A dedicated SAP solution-SAP GRC Access Control-is meant to facilitate the same.

    SAP GRC Access Control is a tool designed to help organizations automate the process of access management and track breaches of SoD risk. It makes it possible to personalize and configure processes related to user access control, control of business functions, analysis and monitoring the risks of segregation of duties (SoD), privileged access/firefighter access, and periodic access assessments of each company’s particular requirements. SAP GRC Access Control is a program that enables solutions from different developers and different systems to handle these tasks.

    SAP GRC Access Control comprises the following:

    · Access Risk Analysis (ARA)

    · Access Request Management (ARM)

    · Business Role Management (BRM)

    · Emergency Access Management (EAM)

    · User Access Review (UAR)

    SAP GRC Access Control

    The tool helps in:

    • Growing an organization’s awareness by way of the entire process of user and authorization management
    • Automation of the process of granting access, which saves time spent so far on this form of operation
    • Automatic detection and reduction of system risk (also gaining the protection of critical functions in systems) for the segregation of duties (SoD) – both in current and future user authorizations
    • Possibility to avoid unintentional mistakes due to extensive access to backend systems
    • Optimizing the work of users in the SAP system: harmonizing user access with their real organizational duties
    • Providing the appropriate (internal/external) information/documents needed during audits
    • Control dashboards that present the current security status in the field of system access

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    To satisfy the specifications set out in the GDPR, SAP GRC Access Control is a protective tool that enables access control at the level of authorization. It addresses emergency access requirements, user and role-level authorization changes, and reporting of access to data and risks related to SoD.

    GDPR Compliance with SAP GRC Access Control

    SAP GRC Access Control helps in managing compliance in the following way:

    • Restricting and tracking access to personal/confidential information
    • Administration and management of organization roles by identifying role characteristics and approval paths that require additional control
    • Analysis of data access risks and ongoing control of access to data
    • Extensive data access analysis and verification for all users of the system
    • Detailed tracking of special accounts used to deal with confidential data (Firefighter)

    Let’s have a brief overview of the various modules.

    Access Risk Analysis

    A dedicated method for the Segregation of Duties (SoD) analysis is SAP GRC ARA. This module is structured to define, evaluate, and address all work safety and audit issues associated with compliance with laws and procedures.

    Emergency Access Management

    The most crucial factor from the point of view of business data protection is the control of emergency and privileged or IT consultants’ access to production systems. This problem is identified by audit teams quite frequently. The management of such events takes place through the use of Firefighter ID accounts. All actions taken while operating on the FF ID account are tracked in the form of readable logs in the application and are subject to review by suitable users (controllers).

    Business Role Management

    Being part of the SAP GRC Access Control solution, the BRM module automates the process of business-friendly management of cataloging and function descriptions.

    Access Request Management

    The SAP GRC ARM module allows user management processes and their authorizations to be automated based on requests. It is possible to quickly generate requests. The ARM module provides configuration ranges. It allows separate approval paths to be generated for different types of requests.

    The tool allows you to use the built-in risk analysis tool, which allows you to evaluate in real-time how the requested function will impact the state of the company’s SoD conflicts and avoid new conflicts if necessary. All requests are archived and can easily be found using built-in mechanisms for searching and reporting.

    User Access Review

    SAP GRC UAR supports the periodic review / re-certification process for user authorizations. The goal of the review is to harmonize user access in systems with the roles of employees. Reviewers may make decisions on user acceptance or elimination of positions. Decisions are enforced in the applications automatically.

    Overall, the SAP GRC Access Control allows for a seamless access control experience and ensures compliance management.

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