ERP Data Security: Some Common Issues and How to Overcome Them

    There have been significant improvements in ERP systems in recent years. Virtually all business processes can now be automated by modern systems, including human resources, distribution, stock management, and so on. That’s why ERP systems are currently being selected by many organizations. The advantage of all-in-one solutions such as ERP systems is that they minimize the efforts needed to maintain data integrity and ensure the compatibility and usability of everyday operations with multiple software applications. However, there will, of course, be some vulnerabilities that are important to keep a watch on, as with any robust system covering such a vast spectrum.

    Outlined here are some common ERP system security issues that place ERP data security at risk and practical tips on ways of avoiding them:

    Delay in Implementation of Updates

    Some issues, such as crashes, can be difficult to fix if your version is currently unsupported. More importantly, it leaves the company vulnerable to ERP information security risks. The cybercrime environment is continuously changing, and even the hackers are finding ways to get around new updates. That’s why downloading updates as soon as possible is critical. If you find that when installing ERP updates, you still lag, then it might be worth looking at an automated system that applies software updates as soon as they are available.

    Allowing Full Access Rights

    The norm should not be exclusive access rights; it is instead important to look at who has access to what information. Access rights and permissions will largely rely on business requirements and specifications, but as a general rule, this should be on a ‘need to know’ basis. It’s important to keep audit logs to monitor any changes. It is also worth attaching permits to checklists for new employees, promotions, and paperwork for any change of position.

    Insufficient Training

    In some cases, the danger can be intentional and malicious, but in other situations, it is the product of a lack of understanding. This could be a lack of knowledge of the whole ERP system or a lack of awareness in terms of preserving what the company anticipates. As normal, assign employees to train new recruits to ensure that company processes are readily available and easily accessible to all employees.

    Inadequate Compliance Management

    If your ERP system stores confidential data, including the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of personnel and sales information, it is important that the system meets all the local security specifications. It is anticipated that enterprises maintain secure passwords, restrict access to ‘need to know,’ and monitor access to the information they hold. You would also have to comply with different rules, such as SOX, CCPA, GDPR, etc. Select an ERP device configured to comply with the regulations in question.

    Method of Authentication

    As ERP systems progressed, not only were they able to manage a much more extensive collection of data, but also more sensitive data. Single authentication is common, such as passwords, but we have to ask ourselves whether 1FA (one-factor authentication) is suitable for modern ERP systems. The most common form of hacking is password cracking. Therefore, by using only passwords that can be stolen or even fairly easily guessed by experts, it just doesn’t make sense to protect our most important, sensitive, and confidential business data. The obvious solution is multi-factor authentication since it can provide context-based authorization.


    There are a number of security implications to take into account when implementing a new ERP system. It is commonly noted that the advantages of ERP systems outweigh the concerns. But investing in ERP data protection solutions would help protect your business even further by maintaining a reliable and safe ERP system with high levels of data integrity, providing your workers and your customers with peace of mind, given the onslaught of serious hacking cases that threaten businesses with their most valuable data.

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