Why Universities are Rushing to Implement Single Sign-On for PeopleSoft

    We are being approached by higher education institutions about our Single Sign-On solution for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Of late, we see a sense of urgency. After speaking to several universities, here’s what we found out:

    COVID-19: The Persistent Pandemic

    COVID-19 first prompted colleges and universities to shut down their campuses and turn rapidly to online learning. Initially, that was their only focus. Practically all non-essential IT projects, including PeopleSoft, were immediately put on hold. After concentrating intensively on the safety of students, employees, and faculty and performing the gargantuan task of allowing thousands of people to connect and learn remotely, IT departments are now focusing on access and data security.

    This summer, many institutions of higher education across the country were cautiously hopeful that they would reopen in the fall and were, in fact, planning to welcome faculty and students back into what they believed would be a regular campus life. Besides, IT and security teams, too, had been busy updating priorities, programs, and budgets. They know thousands of students, staff, and faculty rely on the institution’s applications to keep operations going smoothly.

    Unfortunately, things are not going as planned. Universities that had announced comprehensive plans for in-person classes in the fall have entirely reversed themselves, almost daily, saying they would go online almost entirely. Owing to these abrupt shifts, some IT departments are trying to rapidly adapt the systems to better manage remote access and a consequent surge in self-service demands.

    That, precisely, is the urgency we’re experiencing: Universities are in a hurry to implement a SAML-based PeopleSoft SSO solution (for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) to better their security posture, enhance productivity, and improve overall user experience. The reason is simple. The first step to resolve usability issues is to ensure secure authentication without resulting in user friction.

    Enabling PeopleSoft Single Sign-On with SAML-Based IdPs 

    The silver lining is that, in just two weeks (or even less), Appsian can fulfill this urgent demand of the universities. We deliver the only turnkey SAML-based integration solution for PeopleSoft Single Sign-On without any custom coding or additional hardware. Using a single login, you can allow users in thousands (students and faculty) to access multiple applications, and not just PeopleSoft SSO, on any device.

    Customers may simultaneously use multiple IdPs, like OKTA, ADFS, Ping, Shibboleth, Azure, etc. This also ensures that any patchwork of systems in use across buildings, groups, and departments is securely accessible.

    Adapting to New Realities

    COVID-19 has completely ruined students’ college experience, but for the upcoming school year, the requirements of securing and providing access to applications remain unchanged. 

    What has changed is the need to ensure the accessibility and security of all applications, transactions, data, and lectures. 

    The higher education institutions must ensure that all applications are securely and seamlessly accessible. This will ensure academic continuity because abandon is more likely when students are 100% virtual.

    The best way for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to boost accessibility and security is with a SAML-based PeopleSoft Single Sign-On.

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