Setting Up SAML Authentication in PeopleSoft

    Security Assertion Markup Language or SAML, as it is called, is a standard that enables Identity Providers (IdPs) to pass credentials for authorization to Service Providers (SPs). SAML transactions use Extensible Markup Language (XML) to provide the IdPs and SPs with standardized communication. SAML is the connecting link between a user’s identity authentication and the authorization to use a service.

    PeopleSoft and SAML-Based Single Sign-On

    Implementing a SAML-based PeopleSoft Single Sign-On presents particular challenges. This is mainly because native support for SAML SSO is not there in PeopleSoft. Implementing Single Sign-Ons like OKTA, Azure AD, Ping Identity, etc. in such a scenario can present challenges, alienating PeopleSoft from the organization’s identity and access management (IAM). It poses substantial risks to data protection, too.

    The SAML standard is generally used by the most common Identity Providers, including ADFS, Shibboleth, OKTA, Ping, and Azure. But a lack of native SAML compatibility for PeopleSoft customers means that their PeopleSoft applications may need custom coding to manage SAML assertions or end up disconnected from enterprise-wide SSO initiatives altogether. The PeopleSoft SSO connector from Appsian successfully addresses this issue by supplying PeopleSoft with the only turnkey SAML integration solution available in the market.

    It is the only turnkey solution for natively integrating with PeopleSoft, the SAML-based Single Sign-On Identity Providers, offering an easy and safe SAML authentication. PeopleSoft SAML SSO has the following benefits:

    Improved Productivity

    • Gives end-users a seamless login experience

    • Eliminates employee downtime from password related issues

    • For fast navigation uses deep/embedded links

    • Centralized identity and access management (IAM)

    Reduced Costs

    • Significantly lowers password reset support costs

    • Helps leverage investment in existing SSO providers

    • Minimizes support and maintenance costs compared with custom-developed SSO solutions

    Enhanced Security

    • Assigns and deactivates user credentials rapidly across all business applications

    • Helps meet mandatory compliance obligations

    • Helps implement strict password management policies reinforced by IdPs

    • Minimizes password fatigue and risky password practices

    The SAML SSO solution from Appsian helps in the rapid deployment and easy integration of the PeopleSoft SAML add-in as early as 7 days. No additional hardware or custom-coding is required for configuration. Furthermore, it enables the inclusion of PeopleSoft in enterprise-wide SSO programs to reap the advantages of a common password and security setting. No additional web server or specialized knowledge is required.

    Appsian’s PeopleSoft SSO Connector

    The SAML authentication implementation in PeopleSoft enables organizations to go-live in just 7 days. It lets you execute browser-based configuration of several IdPs’ Single Sign-On in PeopleSoft. As regards the maintenance, the add-in is independent of updates from PeopleSoft/PeopleTools. It uses only tested and stable products and offers fixed schedules and cost of maintenance. With each PeopleSoft update, updated software packages are available for the customers. Full-fledged 24/7 support team ready to assist you. 

    In contrast, custom development requires specialized knowledge, additional hardware, and often additional web servers too. The application development and management teams are overburdened with the additional workload. A high risk of runaway costs prevails. And no standardized support is available for custom-coded solutions.

    Therefore, given the enormous challenge of ensuring data privacy and security, the PeopleSoft SSO Connector is clearly worth your investment.

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