Ensuring Data Security during Uncertain Times

    A recent global survey revealed that senior technology executives are most worried about data security. For ERP software systems users, this can be particularly troubling. From manufacturing methods to supply chain and consumers, from financial details to employee information, and other highly confidential, sometimes proprietary secrets, an ERP system can hold a wealth of information about everything related to organizations.

    During the COVID-19 emergency, ERP data security continues to loom as a huge problem. Some employees are back in the workplace; others may still be at home using their own PCs and other devices while they work. Under such a scenario, there are five steps that organizations need to take in testing ERP data security and then close any gaps that are discovered.

    1: Presume Nothing

    Start with the assumption that the result is uncertain. Having assumptions will place an enterprise at risk. Instead, before drawing any conclusions, consider the proof that emerges. When decisions are not taken considering the evidence, there is the highest risk from data security threats.

    2: Assess Risks 

    Recognize that no single method can solve the problem of ERP data protection. Assuming, for instance, that a firewall, anti-virus software, and software for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is foolproof all but ensures failure. Though necessary on their own, their shortcoming is that they ignore what could happen between their defenses. It is much better also to determine threats that might occur elsewhere, using items such as network detection and response tools.

    3: Keep an Open Mind

    It is necessary to have an unbiased approach to what the data reveals, not what everyone wants it to reveal. This does not mean ignoring years of knowledge and skills that have been gained. To see what could be seen, it involves incorporating the probability of chance in the discovery process, uncovering a danger where one was not supposed to be discovered.

    It generates its own prejudice to rely on the background of what you’ve already found in the past. Looking at the data from all angles is essential.

    4: Have Patience 

    Many security professionals are affected by what they have been used to seeing on their network. This is what they always search for first, and when they find it, they may think they’ve found a problem. This sort of judgment call compromises the ability to make a thorough assessment of the possible threats in the system or the network.

    No matter how sharp one’s judgment and knowledge, maybe, a holistic approach – and solution – to solving a problem is required.

    5: Beware of What You See 

    Both state-sponsored and criminal threats frequently originate from what may primarily be considered innocuous methods for getting into an ERP software framework. Be cautious. Masking a more deadly assault may well be the case whereas it does not appear so. 

    The best security teams search for – and frequently find – genuine threats in areas where they had not been anticipated or found previously. Often, a threat is lurking in a most unlikely location.

    To distinguish a hazard from a legitimate operation, combine the instruments you have with the expertise and experience you have acquired.


    Yes, experience and preparation are essential. But organizations must invest in comprehensive data security solutions that offer unmatched ERP data security. That way, they can ensure complete peace of mind.

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